Bombonieres are a sentimental souvenir from weddings and baptisms and thus play a large role.

We at Fiorentinos Flowers offer many different types and colors you can choose from.

We can also help you create any kind you have in mind in order to make them unique and give your special day the meaning you like.

Bombonieres - Photos - Click to enlarge

01 - Wedding Bombonieres

We offer a large variety of wedding bombonieres to choose from. Photo frames, key chains, decorative objects with your initials, useful home ware and more. Let us know your preferences and we will create something that expresses just that.

02 - Baptism Bombonieres for Boys

Baptism bombonieres for boys can be anything you believe guests will enjoy or find useful. After you have decided on a theme, you can either choose from our many proposals or let us know what you would like and we will create it for you.

03 - Baptism Bombonieres for Girls

Once you have chosen a theme for the baptism, we will provide you with ideas for bombonieres that will match in coloring and style. You can also describe what you have imagined and we will try to create an exact replica.